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Group coaching is a cost-effective and community-focused alternative to personal training. 

Choose between the 4 groups and after purchasing, I will be reaching out via email to send a form for final placement! *may take up to 48 hours after order is placed*

This is a one-time purchase for the entire 12 weeks! 

Included in the purchase is:

  1. Groupings based on fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, or home group)
  2. Group chats through WhatsApp for accountability, questions, or daily inspo
  3. Weekly virtual meetings, going over a variety of topics (included below) and keeping track of progress
  4. Mini recipe book and other meal ideas

ENROLLMENT BEGINS NOW - we begin the program on JULY 1. 


Week 1 - Getting started to the program, giving out info + setting goals

Week 2 - Let’s talk food

Week 3 - Why accountability matters, dealing with negative relationships or lack of support system

Week 4 - Nourishing every point of health - mental, physical, emotional health

Week 5 - Tracking progress beyond the scale

Week 6 - Finding balance between living healthy, working out, and having a social life

Week 7 - Dealing with motivation fluctuation, how to work on discipline

Week 8 - Gym and Rest Day Anxiety

Week 9 - Cultivating a healthy body image

Week 10 - Self Esteem and Self Efficacy

Week 11 - Learning to Listen to your body

Week 12 - Conclusion of the program

**after purchase, I will contact you through email within 48 hours - please ensure your email is inputted correctly**

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